Five Fund Forum

Since 2007 The Five Fund Forum has showcased leading impact fund managers. In 15 years, over 6,000 Impact LPs have attended the Forum.

The event profiles five investment funds with differentiated criteria to Family Offices, Foundations, Institutional Investors and Advisors. Funds are selected based on multiple criteria including: management team, track record, and investment strategy. This event showcases innovative fund managers in diverse sectors. The event is structured to include group presentations and one-on-one meetings to maximize attendees’ ability to interact with the fund managers.

“I am impressed with the diversity of the investment strategies representing everything from impact investing to sustainability all in a half day.  Very efficient and informative to see what is happening across the spectrum of sustainability.”  -Family Office

“I haven’t seen a better set of fund managers present in one venue.  Well worth the time!” -Family Office

 “It’s rare to see so many high-quality investment opportunities during a single event.” -Investment Advisor

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