For seven years, the MO Summit has been a platform for mission-driven leaders to share, learn from, and collaborate in an effort to identify better ways to do business and expand their collective impact. The annual event hosted by Big Path Capital is exclusive to impact CEOs with the goal of bringing together leaders who share a similar vision of capitalism on their path to building a better future — one that is inclusive, regenerative, and sustainable.  

The MO Summit creates a platform where leaders go beyond just business transactions. “Attendees of MO connect on a deep level, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual support,” said Patrick McDonald, Big Path Capital Associate. “This willingness to share — without expecting immediate business gains — paves the way for long-term, impactful partnerships that drive progress within the stakeholder economy.”

The topics discussed at the 2024 MO Summit — from the power of partnerships to navigating uncertain times with purpose — provided actionable opportunities and solutions to ensure that companies at the forefront of social and environmental impact can not only make a profit but thrive as their purposeful work benefits all people and the planet. 

During two “Action for Impact” sessions, attendees were offered insights into ways they and their companies can take small steps to have more impact on the world. They were then asked to share their commitments, which include:

Move Your Money

  • Explore a line of credit with a certified B Corp bank
  • Transfer international accounts to a bank with a commitment to climate justice
  • Look at the Global Alignment for Banking on Values website and explore options for a financial institution more aligned with its values

Giving & Volunteerism

  • Investigate the company’s current giving — how much, to whom?
  • Join 1% for the Planet
  • Increase annual giving from 1% of revenue to 1.5% in 2024
  • Set an internal meeting with finance staff and employees around pro bono services
  • Start a network for B Corps that are 1% members and also carbon-neutral certified

Here, Big Path team members Christie Lange, Isabel Whelchel, Patrick McDonald, and Michael Whelchel reflect on the importance of the MO Summit, takeaways from this year’s event, and what they mean for the future of business.

This year’s MO Summit theme was “The Power of Partnerships.” Why are partnerships critical to advancing a stakeholder economy? Can you share an example from the event that showcases how MO creates these partnerships and leads to collaboration?

Christie Lange: Within impact, we continue to go against the status quo and incumbents that are still so much larger than us collectively. This is something we cannot do alone and the partnerships we are able to nurture and form during this Summit allow us to leverage each other’s talents and successes and catalyze outsized positive impact. 

The MO Summit also provides an opportunity for leaders to take a collective breath and refocus on the larger picture. When Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet, shared what it meant to be a member and offered their support in getting companies to join, she presented a call to action that created immediate commitments from founders and CEOs.

What stands out as a memorable moment from the 2024 MO Summit? Why?

Isabel Whelchel: I found Matt O’Hayer’s keynote address to be particularly memorable. Matt gave a candid recounting of his journey that led him to founding Vital Farms. In a world where we often only see the polished version of successful entrepreneurs, I found Matt’s honest reflection of his successes and failures along the way to be refreshing. It served as a reminder for me that challenge and loss are an unseen but critical part of achievement. I believe his story also resonated with many other attendees who are on their journey toward success.

Why is this annual event so important? What specifically about this year’s gathering underscores that importance?

Patrick McDonald: The MO Summit holds immense significance for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides a unique platform for leaders who are building businesses with a positive impact. This gathering fosters a sense of community and shared purpose, allowing them to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas that can accelerate their efforts. 

This year’s Summit underscored its importance in a particularly profound way. The consistent feedback throughout the event highlighted a sense of being “recharged” and “seen” by their peers. This reinforces the critical role the MO Summit plays in addressing a common challenge faced by impact leaders: Isolation. 

By providing a space for connection and shared experiences, the Summit empowers these leaders to return to their endeavors with renewed energy and inspiration, ultimately furthering their positive impact on the world.

How will the topics discussed at the 2024 MO Summit inspire the future of mission-driven businesses?

Michael Whelchel: Adding “Action for Impact” sessions to our seventh MO Summit was an experiment to see if we could catalyze those who are already committed to and generating incredible impact to do more. The sessions focused on specific topics, responsible banking and giving back, and invited participants to take action and align their businesses with the opportunities presented.

We knew that those who attend MO are open to new ideas and aren’t afraid to be early adopters. Intentionality already exists. Many times we all just need a channel to turn the intentionality into action. The commitments that came from these activities affirmed that for us. While holding events like MO is only a small part of what we do at Big Path, we now know we have a role to shift ideas into action among impact leaders to achieve our mission to change how capitalism is done. In the coming months, we will be asking ourselves how we can do that as we support companies seeking investment for growth or an exit and on the other side of our business, private equity funds raising capital.

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